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Columbia Shorts 1936



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Rl. June 27 / Prod. No. 223 / 18 m / ap Jules White / d st scr Preston Black / ph Benjamin Kline / e Wm. Lyon / C: Bud Jamison (Johnson), James C. Morton (Paul Pain), Eddie Laughton (Train Conductor), Loretta Andrews, Ethelreda Leopold, Gale Arnold (Show Girls), Ray Turner (Porter), Mary Lou Dix (Karen), Hilda Title (Show Girl), Joe the Monkey, Phyllis Crane (Girl Curly Kisses) and Bobby Burns (Man in Berth)

SYN: The Stooges are an unemployed vaudeville act living at Mrs. Hammond Eggerley's boarding house, and later fill in for the Eggnog Brothers in a big musical revue, The Panics of 1936. Behind in their rent, Moe, Larry and Curly, with their pet monkey, Joe, sneak out of the boarding house and rush to catch a train containing the rest of the show's cast, including Paul Pain, the leading man (he wears a toupee). On board Joe and the Stooges prove to be nothing but a pain for Pain! The Stooges end up in the wrong room on the train and get kicked out after eating up the expensive crab dinner (Curly mistakes the crab for a turtle). Joe complicates matters when he wreaks havok with the sleeping passengers by pulling the emergency cord to stop the train. The Stooges are then hurled off the train and miraculously land on the back of three angry bulls and ride off into the sunset without poor little Joe. Hey! What happened to Joe? Has anyone seen Joe? Here Joe.....

Quick Hits:

- "A Pain in the Pullman" was a re-working of a Thelma Todd/ZaSu Pitts vehicle "Show Business".

SD: 4 (W 4/29 to F 5/1, and M 5/4/36) FN: A remake of Show Business (8/20/32) with Thelma Todd and Zasu Pitts, directed by Jules White. Ending was reused in A Ducking They Did Go (4/7/39).